What to expect once documentation is submitted

  1. The DRC’s Service Coordinator will email the student’s husky email to acknowledge receipt of documentation and request additional materials to complete intake packet, if needed.
  2. Once it has been determined that an intake packet is complete, the student’s documentation will be assigned to a specialist to review with the documentation committee.
  3.  Please note, if the documentation committee requests additional information, the student may receive an email that details out what is being requested
  4. Specialist will also communicate with student by email once the review is complete to schedule a registration meeting.
  5. During a registration meeting, student will review accommodations, policies and procedures as well as how to access them. Student will also be informed of any denied accommodations

Please note

  • Documentation will be reviewed in the order that it was received.  During high volume times, this may take several weeks so plan accordingly
  • Prior use of specific accommodations in high school or prior institution does not guarantee the same accommodations will be granted at Northeastern
  • A diagnosis, while an important piece of the documentation review process, in and of itself may not qualify one for accommodations