The follow tutorials are for students who are transitioning to Northeastern University’s Disability Resource Center or Learning Disabilities Program.  Each session will outline important information about making the transition from high school to college.  After viewing and completing the activities in each session, students should gain a better understanding of how their new postsecondary environment will impact their college experience.


Session 1 “Coming to Northeastern” discusses the differences between receiving accommodations in high school and in college, The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), how civil rights law affects you, what “reasonable accommodations” are and what they are not, and what your responsibilities are as a college student receiving accommodations.

Session 2  “Navigating College with a Disability” talks about how understanding your disability impacts your daily life and how it is an important step to succeeding in college. It also reviews some of the things that you are now responsible for, such as initiating the process to receive supports and accommodations and managing your academic career while at Northeastern.

Session 3 “Preparing to Succeed,” explores how starting successfully means taking initiative before you arrive on campus. It includes tips for how to start and stay organized throughout the semester and information about who can support you during this transition.

Session 4 “Utilizing the DRC’s Services” explains how the DRC can provide more than just accommodations, how the DRC website is your go-to place for accessing info about your accommodations, and how to schedule a meeting with your specialist or an advisor by using your myNortheastern portal

Session 5 “Helpful Technology” goes over some different technologies you’ll use at Northeastern, how to navigate various features of the myNortheastern portal and the Canvas learning management system, and some assistive technology that can support you based on learning style and disability while at college.