Professor Notification Letters

The DRC is sending PNLs electronically at student request.  Please check your spam folder periodically for any mail coming from the DRC.  Students are also being instructed to follow up with you as well to introduce themselves and verify that you received their letters. 

A student has asked for an accommodation not listed on their PNL, or I think they need extra accommodations. What should I do?

Please refer the student to the DRC for info on how to request accommodations. Do not grant them additional accommodations unless you would grant those same accommodations to the entire class.

Proctoring of exams

While the DRC offices are open, we are required to limit the number of students in the office at one time. 

Students who have reduced distraction or private room accommodations for their exams will be given priority access to DRC testing rooms.  In order to schedule as many exams as possible, we are asking all students to submit room reserves in advance.  Any room reserve submitted with less than 48 hours’ notice will be subject to availability.

Students can access exam accommodations like extended time, computer, and other technology for their online exams without using DRC testing rooms. We ask that you set the extra time through Canvas prior to the exam and use the same proctoring method you are using for the rest of the class.

Canvas:  Providing extra time on canvas

Create the quiz as usual.

Instead of assigning the quiz to “everyone,” assign it to specific student with the extended time accommodation.

Edit due dates and time limits.

Returning of exams

In an effort to reduce opportunity to transmit COVID the DRC will not be delivering any paper exams.  We will scan and email any exams taken in the office; as always you will have the options to pick up any exams taken in our office. 

I did not receive an Exam Accommodation Form from a student. Do I still need to provide them with extended time?

Yes, you are responsible for providing extended time to any student whose PNL lists it. While we are urging students to remind their instructors ahead of time, they are still entitled to the accommodation even if they do not do so.  Students do not need to submit room reserves to be entitled to extra time accommodations.

Unfortunately, the DRC isn’t able to make adjustments to a student’s given time on Blackboard and Canvas, so by necessity that task now falls to faculty. We understand this is a big adjustment, and we are happy to work with you to provide you all the information and support needed

What about students who have the reduced distraction or private room accommodations? Do I need to do anything special for them?

No, we will work with the students directly to ensure they receive what they need for these accommodations.

How do the disability-related absences and extensions accommodations work now that we’re online?

Students are still expected to reach out to communicate when they need these accommodations. You do not need to do anything differently from what you would normally do.

*Additional Questions?* Email us at or contact any of our Disability Specialists for assistance