The DRC is open and staff are available to support students. While our offices has moved to remote services, you can still access all of your approved accommodations, request new accommodations, and schedule meetings with your disability specialist.

We recognize the transition to on-line learning can be a challenge, so we have created the following learning from home strategy guide to assist you in the process.

How do I set up a meeting with my disability specialist?

  • Disability specialists can answer your questions via email, phone, or video chat. Just email your assigned specialist to set up an appointment. If you are unsure of your specialist please email and we will can provide you with their contact information.
  • In order to talk to your disability specialist via phone or video, you will need to set up Microsoft Teams:

-Go to Click “Download Teams.”

-You will need to sign in in with your Northeastern credentials to be on the Northeastern network.

-The format for your username will be your last name, period, first initial, followed by “”

-Please note that this is different than your typical Husky email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I access my accommodations now that classes are online?
  2. Extended Exam Time
    1. We are working with faculty to ensure that they are giving students their extended time, but please email your instructors ahead of exams to remind them.
    1. If your extended time causes two exams to overlap, email both your instructor and your disability specialist ahead of time to make arrangements.
  • Reduced Distraction/Private Room

It will be up to you to create a test setting at home that suits your needs. If you are having trouble, please reach out to your disability specialist for advice. Some general tips:

  • Have discussions with people in your living space about dates and times of tests and exams.
    • Work together to designate an area in your home for this purpose.
    • Use noise-canceling headphones.
    • Position yourself so that you are facing a wall with your back to any environmental activity.
    • Keep pets and people out of the room while you are working.
  • Disability-Related Absences & Extensions
    • If you are unable to attend an online class or meet a deadline as a result of your disability, please email your instructor and CC your specialist to make a plan for how to proceed.
  • Notetaking
    • If you are looking to request note-taking services for the summer session please contact your specialist to discuss your accommodation.
  • Alternative Format
    • Please contact Kyle Droz at to address your particular situation.
  • Do I still need to submit a room request to take an exam?
  • No. However, we recommend that you email your instructors ahead of time to remind them of your exam accommodations, if applicable.
  • How will my professor get my Professor Notification Letters (PNLs) now that classes are online?
  • You should submit your request for professor notification letters as you have in the past through the DRC section of your myNortheastern portal. The DRC will email your PNLs directly to your professors within 2-3 days of submission.  You will be notified after the letters have been emailed.
  • What do I do if my instructor did not give me extended time on my exam?
  • Contact both your instructor and your disability specialist immediately. Your disability specialist will help to resolve the issue.