Northeastern’s Disability Resource Center utilizes an interactive, multi-source process to establish the need for academic and housing accommodations. Determinations are made by committee after a comprehensive review of the provided documentation, including professional recommendations.  The timeframe may take several weeks as accommodation decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.  It is important to understand that a diagnosis or a clinical recommendation, while valuable components of the review process, in and of themselves, may not qualify the student for a specific accommodation.

The Disability Resource Center considers multiple elements when determining a student’s eligibility for accommodations at Northeastern University, including:

1. The student’s self-report of their experience, gathered through the completed Student Self-disclosure Form (SDF).

2. Objective and clinical information about a student’s disability. This information is generally obtained from neuropsychological or psychoeducational reports and/or Disability Disclosure Forms. The type of information requested may vary based on disability; however, appropriate documentation includes a diagnostic statement, describes the substantial impact(s)/limitation(s) the student experiences due to the disability, and describes the student’s historical and current level of functioning.  As accommodations are based on the current impact of the disability, it is important that the documentation reflect the student’s present level of functioning and need for accommodations in the college setting; even if the diagnosis has not changed, the impact on the student may vary over time.

3. The student’s verified history of accommodations and services, when relevant. Students who used accommodations in high school will be asked for a copy of their IEP or 504 plan, or their private school’s equivalent.  Students who used accommodations on tests including the SAT, ACT, or IB exams will be asked to provide verification of those accommodations. Transfer students will be asked to provide verification of accommodations from their previous college or university.

All documentation should be sent to

Any questions regarding the documentation guidelines may be directed to Debbi Auerbach (Service Coordinator) or (617) 373-4428.