Psychiatric Disorders

Each student interested in seeking services through the DRC should complete an Intake Packet. Once we have a complete Intake Packet from you, we will begin our review process, which may take 2-3 weeks.  If documentation is determined to be acceptable for accommodations and services, you will be asked to meet with a Disability Specialist to complete the Registration Process.


An Intake Packet for students with psychiatric disorders consists of all of the following items:


  1. A completed Student Disclosure Form. Please fill out this form as completely as you can, listing each accommodation you are requesting and explaining why you find the accommodation useful. Your self-report of your experience is an important part of the accommodation process; please fill out the disclosure form accurately and completely.


  1. A Psychiatric Disclosure Form, completed by a treating clinician who has seen you in the last six months.   This information may need to be periodically updated for conditions that are likely to fluctuate.  A report from a neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation may also be submitted, if available.


  1. If you have previously received services or accommodations for a psychiatric disorder, verification of your history of accommodations.  *Please note Accommodations received at previous institutions do not automatically transfer to Northeastern University.
  • If you received accommodations on the SAT, ACT, or IB, please provide a copy of your eligibility letter from the College Board, ACT, or International Baccalaureate Organization.
  • If you are an incoming freshman, please provide a copy of your most recent IEP, 504 plan, Summary of Performance, or your private high school equivalent.
  • If you are a transfer student, please request a verification letter from your previous post-secondary institution indicating the accommodations you were approved to use when you were enrolled. It can be faxed directly to 617.373.7800.


Please send these materials to:


Fax: 617.373.7800

By Mail:

Northeastern University
Disability Resource Center
360 Huntington Avenue
20 Dodge Hall
Boston, MA 02115


Questions regarding the documentation guidelines may be directed to Debbi Auerbach, Service Coordinator ( or 617.373.4428.  You may also call the DRC’s front desk at 617.373.2675.