Learning Disabilities

Each student interested in seeking services through the DRC should complete an Intake Packet. Once we have a complete Intake Packet from you, we will begin our review process, which may take 2-3 weeks.  If documentation is determined to be acceptable for accommodations and services, you will be asked to meet with a Disability Specialist to complete the Registration Process.


An intake packet for students with learning disabilities consists of all of the following items:


  1. A completed Student Disclosure Form. Please fill out this form as completely as you can, listing each accommodation you are requesting and explaining why you find the accommodation useful.  Your self-report of your experience is an important part of the accommodation process; please fill out the disclosure form accurately and completely.


  1. A report from a neuropsychological or psycho-educational evaluation. This report should include a diagnostic statement, describe your current level of functioning, and explain the substantial impact/limitation(s) you experience due to learning disabilities. In general, testing completed during high school or later, as well as testing that uses adult norms, is most likely to reflect the student’s current level of functioning and need for accommodations in the college setting.


  1. If you have previously received services or accommodations for a learning disability, verification of your history of accommodations.  *Please note Accommodations received at previous institutions do not automatically transfer to Northeastern University.
  • If you received accommodations on the SAT, ACT, or IB, please provide a copy of your eligibility letter from the College Board, ACT, or International Baccalaureate Organization.
  • If you are an incoming freshman, please provide a copy of your most recent IEP, 504 plan, Summary of Performance, or your private high school equivalent.
  • If you are a transfer student, please request a verification letter from your previous post-secondary institution indicating the accommodations you were approved to use when you were enrolled. It can be faxed directly to 617.373.7800.


Please send these materials to:

E-mail: DRCDocumentation@Northeastern.edu

Fax: 617.373.7800

By Mail:

Northeastern University
Disability Resource Center
360 Huntington Avenue
20 Dodge Hall
Boston, MA 02115


Questions regarding the documentation guidelines may be directed to Debbi Auerbach, Service Coordinator (d.auerbach@neu.edu) or 617.373.4428.  You may also call the DRC’s front desk at 617.373.2675.