Accommodation Appeal Process

Accommodation Appeal Process for Students with Disabilities

Northeastern University is committed to providing equal access to all programs and services for students with disabilities.  Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, students are eligible to receive reasonable accommodation.  Reasonable accommodations are meant to ensure equal access, and are not meant to impose an undue burden or fundamental alteration to any program.

Northeastern’s Disability Resource Center internal appeal process has been designed to provide students a means of seeking internal resolution if they believe their accommodation requests were unduly denied.  Students may file a formal appeal if the attempt to resolve the issue informally did not result in an acceptable resolution.  Once the appeal form is received, the Senior Director will respond within 60 days with a written statement detailing any findings.  An internal review will take place which may involve review of documents previously submitted as well as any additional documents submitted with the appeal.

The student should submit a written appeal via the Formal Accommodation Appeal Form to the Senior Director at m.barrows@northeastern.  Upon receipt of the appeal form, a review will be conducted by the Senior Director who will interview and/or consult with the student or relevant individuals with information regarding said complaint.  Once a decision has been made in the accommodation appeal process the decision is final.