I recently received a diagnosis. How do I know what accommodations to request or if I would qualify for services?

The DRC has a disability specialist available during operating hours to meet with you to talk about this in more detail. They will ask you some questions about your experience and guide you through the process of requesting formal accommodations. Please stop by or call us to talk about this.

I don’t have a formal diagnosis but I am really struggling. How can I be evaluated?

Please contact the University’s behavioral health referral coordinator at University Health and Counseling to get a referral to an off campus provider. The behavioral health referral coordinator can be reached at 617-373-2772.

I have a diagnosed condition and don’t think I need any formal accommodations currently. Should I register with the Disability Resource Center?

We do encourage students to apply for accommodations even if you are not sure if you will need to always use them. Accommodations are not retro-active, so we do encourage students to apply sooner than later in the event you need to use them in the future.

What is the availability of staff for an appointment?

The DRC staff is always available to schedule an appointment or available to meet with walk-ins. All professional staff members are able to answer general questions about services and accommodations. Once you have been contacted by a specific disability specialist, who identifies himself or herself as working with you, he or she will become your contact at the DRC.

I had a neuropsychological evaluation/psycho-educational evaluation completed in high school. How recent does the evaluation need to be?

The DRC does not limit evaluations based on age.  Instead, we use a multi-source process to determine eligibility for accommodations and the age at which the evaluation was conducted is considered in this review.  Please see our documentation guidelines section under getting started for more information.

What documentation do I need?
What documentation you will need to submit to us depends on your diagnosis.  You can find more information under the “Documentation Guidelines” section of this website.
When do I send in my documentation?

You can send it at any time, but keep in mind that it can take up to 2-3 weeks to review your documentation once you have submitted a complete intake packet.

Will I need to resubmit documentation each semester?

No, once you officially register with the DRC and complete the student service agreement you do not need to resubmit documentation. Should you wish to apply for additional accommodations, you can always submit updated or additional information at that time.

I’ve read that you want documentation well in advance of my needing services. Why?

Documentation goes through a thorough and case-by-case review process. Because of the volume of documentation, it can take some time for yours to move through our queue. Also, if the Documentation Review Committee determines that we need additional information from you, it could take time for you to submit it. Please allow two to three weeks for our accommodation review process.

I had an IEP or 504 plan in high school. How can I request accommodations?
Please look through the “Requesting Accommodations” tab on our website for more information about the process of applying for accommodations.
I submitted documentation to the DRC, when will I hear back about my accommodation requests?

Our documentation review process can take several weeks, so please plan accordingly. A specialist will email you when the documentation committee completes their review and provide you with next steps.

What exact accommodations and services will I receive?

Your documentation must be reviewed before a determination can be made about specific accommodations.

If I wait to register with the DRC until after classes start and I run into difficulty, will I be able to go back and retake my exams?

Services and accommodations begin once we have adequate documentation and you have had a registration meeting with a Disability Specialist. Services and accommodations are NOT retroactive.

Will I receive the same services that I received in high school?

Possibly. The accommodations you are approved to receive is determined by your documentation. Some services received in high school may not be appropriate accommodations in college. You and your specialist here will discuss your accommodations at the college level during your registration meeting. If you are concerned about approval for a particular accommodation, please feel free to contact the DRC and a specialist will discuss strategies for approaching areas of challenge.

I’m a transfer student. Will I automatically receive the same accommodations at Northeastern that I received at my other school?

Again, possibly. The DRC determines what services and accommodations make sense based on the documentation submitted.

I am taking classes online or on a different Northeastern campus. Can I still request accommodations?

The Disability Resource Center provides accommodations to all eligible students taking classes with Northeastern.

Will any of my official records be flagged if I receive accommodations?

No, there are no official records that will indicate that you received accommodations

There is some very personal information in my documentation. Who will have access to it, and with whom will the DRC share this information?

All documentation is strictly confidential. Only DRC professional staff have access to it. We will share information about the contents of the documentation to people outside of the DRC if you request that we do so, with your written consent.

I have been approved for academic accommodations. How do I tell my professors?

Once you are registered with the DRC, you can request a copy of your Professor Notification Letter for your instructors each semester. Students on the Boston campus will hand deliver a copy of the letter to your instructors, whereas online or student not on the Boston Campus will request the letters be emailed to their instructors.

I have a professor for a second time, do I need to give them another Professor Notification Letter?

Yes, you will need to provide a letter to each instructor for every class even if you have had the professor previously.

Once I am approved for accommodations, the DRC will put them in place for me, correct?

Your accommodations are approved for the duration of your time at Northeastern. However, you will need to request and arrange for your accommodations each term. Your Disability Specialist explains this process when you register with the DRC.

Will the DRC inform my teachers of my needs and set up my services?

If you request them, the DRC will provide you with Professor Notification Letters to give to your professors. The letters will inform them that you are a registered student with our office and what services you are approved to use. It is your responsibility each term to request what services you wish to use.

Can courses like math and foreign language be waived?
 There is a process for requesting foreign language substitutions, so please see your specialist if you have questions.
Aren’t accommodations set up to guarantee I will pass my courses?

Accommodations are meant to provide equal access and equal opportunity. Access is not a guarantee of success.

Does the DRC have anything to do with admission to Northeastern?

The DRC does not have a role in the admissions process. We do not review applications or supply any input on particular applicants.

When do I start working with the DRC?

Feel free to contact our office at anytime during your college search process.

Is there an orientation for new students using your office?

Yes. We offer an online Transition Video Series, in which you can learn about the differences between high school and college, how to self-advocate and disclose, how to navigate Northeastern, and how to use the DRC. You can find these videos on the DRC’s website, there is also a transition video for your parents which you can find on our website.

I would like to try to college without receiving any help from the DRC. Can I register later if and when I need it?

The choice of requesting or using accommodations is always yours to make. However, since it can take several weeks for documentation to get through the review process, it is better to submit documentation so that accommodations are in place if needed. You can then choose if and when to use your approved services.

What is the difference between the LDP and the DRC?

The DRC provides accommodations to all eligible students.  The Learning Disabilities Program is a fee-for-service academic support program designed for students whose primary diagnosis is a learning disability or ADHD.  Please see the LDP’s website for additional information: www.northeastern.edu/ldp

Does the DRC provide tutoring?

The DRC does not provide content tutoring. The University offers tutoring for all students through a variety of resources including the Writing Center and Peer Tutoring Program. We recommend discussing tutoring resources with your academic advisor.

My parents want to come to my registration meeting and get updates on my progress. Can they do that?

Your intake meeting will be between you and your Disability Specialist. If your parents accompany you to the appointment, the specialist will be happy to answer their questions at the end of the meeting with you. The specialist will not provide updates to your parents; we work directly with you. We do encourage you, to communicate with them on your academic progress.


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