The DRC exam process is designed to facilitate implementation of students’ approved accommodations and to support faculty by proctoring their exams.    Students who are approved for exam accommodations may request to take their exams in the classroom.  Students who wish to use their approved accommodations will provide you with a professor notification letter.

If a student chooses to take an exam or quiz in the DRC:

  • You will receive an automated email notifying you that the student has scheduled the exam. In this email, you will be requested to provide the DRC with a copy of the exam as well as the Exam Accom Form
  • You are asked to provide a phone number on the exam accommodation form in the event a student has questions while testing.

If you are unable to answer the phone, we may email you with the question.  Please monitor your email or designate someone that can answer questions during the exam.  This can be a TA or another professor who has knowledge of the exam and will be available during the test time.

  • You can submit exams by email to, in person, or by placing them in the lock box outside of 20 Dodge Hall if it is after hours.

Please make note of the DRC office hours posted on the website.  We cannot proctor exams after DRC hours of operation.

  • If a student has a conflict with another class or the exam is being held after hours, students will arrange an alternative time to take the exam; this will be noted in the initial email.
  • You can pick up completed exams at the DRC during operating hours. If you are unable to pick up the exam, you can request that the DRC deliver the exam to your office or that we scan and email it back to you.

Please note, we cannot slip exams under the door or leave them in a mailbox.  Our policy is that we must obtain a signature from either you or department staff. If you encounter any difficulties please contact us ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I provide accommodations for pop or unannounced quizzes in my class?

Please contact the DRC at the beginning of the semester so we can work with you to determine a plan for how the student will take the assessments.

How do I provide accommodations for exams through Blackboard

If you are giving an exam through Blackboard please adjust the student’s time accordingly by utilizing the setting extra time on blackboard

What if a student asks for an accommodation at the last minute?

Students are requested to schedule exams several days ahead of time for planning purposes.  If a student does not reserve a room or notify you within 24 hours of the exam, it is reasonable to ask that the student reschedule the exam at a later date however we cannot deny the student the opportunity to take an exam with their approved accommodations.  We will do our best to accommodate late schedule requests but do not guarantee space within a 24 hour window.

What if I have several students taking my exam in the DRC?

If you have multiple students taking the exam with us you can complete 1 Exam Accommodation Form, leave the name blank, and we will fill in the names of the students.

What if I give weekly quizzes?

If you give recurring quizzes throughout the semester you can complete one exam accommodation for and indicates the frequency of the quiz (weekly, every Thursday) and we can keep the form on file for each quiz.

How does the DRC ensure the academic integrity of my exam?

Student’s belonging are collected before each exam including cell phones, apple watches, and other electronic devices.  Testing rooms at the DRC are equipped with close-circuit cameras that are monitored by front desk staff.  Exams are kept in a secure location until the day of the exam.  Any exams not taken will be shredded promptly.  Students who are observed to be violating the Academic Integrity Policy will have their exams taken away.  Professors will be notified within 24 hours of the incident.  The DRC also submits a report through the office of Student Conduct Conflict Resolution.