Disability Related Absences and Extensions

Students who wish to use their approved accommodations will provide you with a Professor Notification Letter. You may receive a letter that indicates the following:

Disability Related Absences (Double the class approved absences)

The purpose of this accommodations is to provide greater flexibility to students who have an episodic condition that can impact their ability to attend class. If you have an absence policy listed on your syllabus, the student with this accommodation are approved to miss double the number of allowed absences without penalty.
If you do not specify an allowed number of absences on your syllabus, please contact the Disability Resource Center to discuss the ways in which the accommodation can be implemented.
It is the student’s responsibility to notify you and their Disability Specialist prior to missing a class. In certain circumstances this may not be possible, and students will be expected to notify you when they are able.
If a disability related absence falls on the day of a quiz or an exam, the DRC can proctor the makeup exam. Please see the exam accommodation process tip sheet for more information.

Disability Related Extensions (1-3 days)
The purpose of this accommodation is to provide flexibility in situations where a student may need additional time due to the episodic impact of their disability on their ability to engage in academic work.
The student is expected to notify you prior to the assignment deadline to request an alternative deadline. While the recommendation is typically a 1-3 day extension, with extenuating circumstances such as hospitalization, notification prior to the deadline may not be possible and the extension may need to be revised.