Accessible Course Materials

When students are approved for Alternative Format Material/Text it is important materials be provided in accessible formats in a timely manner.  This includes all course materials required and suggested (textbooks and handouts, reading materials, syllabus, exams, videos etc.)

Alternative format is most commonly large print materials, accessible PDFs, braille, tactile images or videos with captions.

Our office works directly with students approved for this accommodation to obtain their text books and course materials in the appropriate accessible format.

This process can take multiple weeks, depending on the type of materials the student needs. To help us with this process, we strongly encourage professors to post their required materials at least 6 weeks before the start of the semester.

We strongly encourage all professors to consider accessibility when creating their course materials, including PowerPoint slides, handouts, and videos.   Consider posting a syllabus as a word document as well as a PDF, as different file formats are accessible to different types of technology and student needs.

Building your course materials with accessibility in mind benefits multiple audiences. It is easier to build it when you are adding/creating content for your course than to get a last-minute request for a captioned version of the video you posted two weeks ago.


For assistance in creating accessible materials please contact Academic Technology Services